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Toyota Kata

This website is for educators interested in using toyota kata to teach scientific thinking, at the undergraduate, graduate and community college levels; in business schools, engineering, law, healthcare, etc. click the menu buttons to find toyota kata materials from existing courses – such as slides, exercises, syllabi, photos, videos, questionnaires, articles, etc. all materials are freely downloadable and can be used and modified without permission. we add to this collection as new materials come in.

For more information view this short pdf slide deck! 

As more and more educators utilize the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata practice routines in courses, there is a growing interest in sharing activities and materials. This way interested educators can see what others are doing and build on already-existing materials. That’s the purpose of this website.

We encourage you to share your Toyota Kata teaching materials, videos and photos here by contacting us at

Papers and student theses

Felix J. Brandl, Kevin S. Ridolfi, Gunther Reinhart

Graham Canning

Angela Deloise Pearson

Rick Fleming and Gary Kapanowski

Håkan Forss

Dr. William J. Harvey

Marc-Olivier Legentil

Jeffrey Liker

Johan Lilja, David Hansen, Johan Fredrikson, Daniel Richardsson


Steffan Macali Werner, Fernandon Antônio Forcellini, Pâmela Teixeira Fernandes

Özden Özcan-Top, Fergal McCaffery

Fernando Perez-Apaza, Andre Ramírez-Valenzuela, Juan D. Perez-Apaza

Nathan Proudlove, Joy Furnival

Smith IM, Bayliss E, Salisbury H, et al.

James W. Stigler, Ji Y. Son, Karen B. Givvin, Adam Blake, Laura Fries, Stacy T. Shaw, Mary C. Tucker

Gilles Bélanger, université de sherbrooke

Gilles Bélanger’s webpage click here and email address click here!

John Bicheno, University of Buckingham

John Bicheno’s webpage click here and email address click here!

José Dinis Carvalho, Universidade do Minho
Helio Ferenhof, Federal University of Santa Catarina, UFSC
Jeff Liker, University of Michigan

Jeff Liker’s webpage and email address click here!

Ralph Winkler, Hanover University

Ralph Winkler’s email address click here!


The TK @ University website is hosted by the Healthcare Management Hub, a research and transfer centre located at HEC Montréal. HEC Montréal is a Business School offering internationally renowned management education and research. The School has been training future managers since 1907. It hosted the Rendez-Vous Kata in November 2015 and since, it has been offering classes on Toyota Kata at the graduate level and Executive Education. For more information, please contact us at or reach out to Professor Sylvain Landry at

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